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Our original K9gates require just one measurement from your doorway for us to be able to process your order and make your gate.  Please follow the instructions below for information on the measurement required.  Please supply all measurements in millimetres (mm). 


Dimension A - Please measure the width of the rebate on your doorframe, from where the hinge attaches to the same place on the opposite side.


Our standard Fixed Width K9gate with 4 Uprights is suitable for standard doorways varing between 495mm and 550mm. If your doorframe is from 555mm upto 630mm then we will need to fit 5 uprights to your gate, 6 upright for 635mm upto 710mm and 7 uprights for 715mm upto 790mm. 

 If you require any help or advice on how to measure your door frame then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you accordingly.


Please note: As all gates are custom made to suit the dimensions of your doorframe, your gate cannot be made without this information.


 You only need measure you doorframe width if you are ordering a 'Fixed Width K9gate'


Please note: without the Make, Model and Year of your Caravan/Motorhome we will be unable assess which of our fitting kits you require.

8. Fixed Width. Tall Height 1100mm (4 Wide Uprights)

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